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Meet Our Leadership and Staff

Our team is here to support the Greater Coatesville Community by providing the connections they need to access health care and services.

Equity Health Group

Moira Gassenmeyer, with The Alliance, coordinates participating organizations and community stakeholders to ensure an integrated and collaborative approach. Grace Fuller, with Coatesville Center for Community Health, engages community members and agencies across the network of services.

Moira Gassenmeyer

Moira Gassenmeyer, LMSW
Equity Health Center Coordinator

Grace Fuller

Grace Fuller, MSW
Community Engagement Coordinator

Oversight Committee

In addition to the service providers funded by the initiative, it is imperative to the success of the initiative to include additional personal and professional experiences. The Oversight Committee is a carefully cultivated group of professional and community partners. With providers reporting monthly and discussions about the implementation of the Equity Health Center, the Oversight Committee’s opinions and input remain at the forefront.

Milena Lanz

Milena Lanz, Executive Director
Maternal Child Health Consortium

Helen Kaplonski

Helen Kaplonski, Director of Center Advancement
Child Guidance Resource Center

Rev. Dr. Linwood Smith Jr.

Rev. Dr. Linwood Smith Jr., Community Partner

Tamara Foz

Tamara Fox, Director of Marketing & Development
ChesPenn Health Services

Abigail McNeil

Abigail McNeil, Community Partner

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres, COO
The Alliance for Health Equity

Lissette Vilarchao

Lissette Vilarchao, Cross-Sector Partnership Manager
The Alliance for Health Equity

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