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We know it can be overwhelming to find the right health care for you and your family.

The Alliance for Health Equity connects the Greater Coatesville area to affordable health care and helps you overcome challenges like access, transportation, insurance and so much more. We are here for you.

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Just tell us what you need. We’ll help you find it.

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I know what kind of care I need

You may already have an idea of the physical and mental health care you need to move forward. We’re here to connect you!


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I’m not sure what kind of care I need

If you aren’t sure what health care support you need for your physical or mental well-being, or how to get started, contact us.


Latest News & Events

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Access information about the latest local health screenings, news and events.

Milena Lanz

We believe that integration of services can provide numerous benefits—from improved access to basic resources and enhanced efficiency to better overall quality of life and community empowerment. It is a strategy that can lead to more effective and holistic solutions for the diverse needs of a community.

Milena Oberti Lanz, Executive Director, EHC Oversight Committee
Maternal and Child Health Consortium
Milena Lanz
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